About this web site

This web site came onto being in 1999 as a small Shopping Guideline site. Based on the fact that my sister's name was Shakeela. Oly later I found that there were several actresses known by this name in India & Pakistan. Specially a notorious one from India.

The web site went thru many phases it started well and gained a lot of visitors but in the ast 2 years the site became stagnant due to lack of time on my art.

I have now decided to recreate this web site on blogger platform and aim to start punting in some good content for all walks of life specially articles and suggestions for shopping, healthcare, computers and travel.

Creating a web portal requires a lot of time and effort. I am sure I will be able to meet upto the expectations of the visitors.

Please stay tuned for future updates and do send me a message with your kind suggestions and comments.

Jamal Panhwar

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